Currently Craving: Chic Camera Bags

Currently Craving: Chic Camera Bags

Rebecca Minkoff_craig_camera_bag_greenRebecca Minkoff Craig Camera Bag
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It’s funny how certain things have a way of convincing us that we need them, even though we were able to manage just fine without them all this while. After seeing the Rebecca Minkoff Craig camera bag, I know that I’ll just never be able to like a regular camera bag again. I am really into cell phone cases and laptop sleeves, but this bag made me wonder why I had never considered looking for a more stylish bag for my camera. The Craig’s boxy shape, eye-popping/feminine colors ranging from red to cool mint, and stud detailing made it an instant favorite for me. It’s a little small to carry a DSLR, but like any small crossbody bag, it can easily fit a point-and-shoot camera along with other essentials like a cell phone, chargers, makeup, keys, etc., which makes it perfect for a casual day out. Meanwhile, I’m definitely keeping an eye out for more fashionable options for DSLR bags as well; that ugly, bulky black bag has got to go!

Rebecca Minkoff_craig_camera_bag_red_white_mint_petal_pink_splurgerina_camera_bag_stylish_girly_chicIndividual Images via,,




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