Steve Madden Launches Online Shopping in India!

Steve Madden Launches Online Shopping in India!

One of the things I miss most about living in the States is being able to shop from the comfort of my home. I found most stores in New York to be extremely crowded and unorganized, and I never seemed to find the right size or color. Easy returns/exchanges along with the ability to decide at leisure whether or not I wanted to keep something had me hooked to online shopping in no time. While limited online shopping portals in India have done wonders for my savings, I really miss casually surfing online stores of my favorite brands and making lists of things that I would like to purchase in the future. Which is why the news of Steve Madden launching their online store in India earlier this week had me jumping around like a little kid in a candy store!

The website is clean and easy to surf, and the best part is that they deliver within 2-5 days with free shipping within India! This is so convenient; I really hope more brands jump on the bandwagon. Below are a few items that I currently like from their store. It’s starting to get a little warm here, and I am looking forward to stocking up on comfortable flats and sandals in bright, attractive colors for the summer.

Individual Images via

1) Stonned
2) Prismm
3) P-Paege
4) Surrge
5) Studlyy
6) KStudd

Here’s to thinner bank accounts! 😉

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  1. Can I beg borrow and steal to have all the five 😀
    Though I love the 1,2 and 3 😀

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