Lust List: Pomegranate Jewelry

Lust List: Pomegranate Jewelry

So, I am kind of really into pomegranates these days! First, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of them for my #NokiaLVK mood board and came to the conclusion that they photograph exceptionally well, and now I’m mesmerized by how exquisite they look in the form of jewelry. The grainy texture is so unique, and I think Natalia Moroz (and her husband) from WingedLion did an especially amazing job in designing and crafting this pendant (see below); the seeds look so real, don’t they?!

I ran a little Google search to find more jewelry inspired by pomegranates, but unfortunately, there aren’t many options. Here’s hoping that pomegranate fever catches on! It’s on my lust list for 2013.

WingedLion Juicy Pomegranate bronze garnet pendant,WingedLion Pomegranate silver garnet pendant (naked lady), RivkasmomVintage Rose Gold Pomegranate Pendant Necklace, Hultquist Pomegranate Necklace, Anthropologie Plucked Pomegranate Necklace (closed), Anthropologie Plucked Pomegranate Necklace (opened)

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5 Responses to Lust List: Pomegranate Jewelry

  1. Shalini says:

    how cool 🙂

  2. Same pinch….I am so into pomegranate nowadays too 😀

    And wow what nice, unique jewelry.

    And happy new year 2013 love.

    I miss you girl….do more appearances this year 🙂

  3. Suzanna says:

    from where I can purchase these necklaces. They are so cute.

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