Academy Awards Red Carpet Recap

Academy Awards Red Carpet Recap

Due to some personal commitments last Sunday, I didn’t get to watch the Oscars in its entirety. But I did manage to watch the red carpet, and fashion is mostly where all the fun is at, so I’m not completely bummed out. Also, I got to watch the hilarity that was the whole Ryan Seacrest-ashes episode live, so as they would say in India, it was paisa vasool. Not that I paid any money to watch it…errr! :S

Anyway, here are my thoughts on some of the fashion that night:

Angelina Jolie – Most Glamorous


It’s not really that hard for Angelina to make it to the best-dressed list. All she has to do is wear color or add a red lip, and everyone just ends up loving her. But I haven’t been this excited about an all-black look on her for a very long time. I thought she looked absolutely breathtaking in her Atelier Versace velvet gown with a slit so high that her leg needed its own twitter account. Phewww! Her bombshell hair (that’s what they call it, right?) and red lips matched the vibe of the dress perfectly.

Ellie Kemper – Most Flawless


Ellie’s sequined Armani Privé gown was anything but a safe choice for the night. Her matching hair, gold jewelry, and a sparkling Ferragamo clutch could have easily been overwhelming and too blingy, but surprisingly enough, she looks very well put together.

Jessica Chastain & Rooney Mara – Most Striking Dresses

Of course the best dresses have to be by McQueen and Givenchy; they have to be! The elaborate gold threadwork on Jessica Chastain’s black McQueen dress was exquisite and just popped on the red carpet, while small but significant details like a more structured silhouette, cutouts, and folds along the bustline gave Rooney Mara’s white laced Givenchy dress just the right amount of edge. Of course, her signature razor sharp bangs just added to the appeal!

Talking about hair, I didn’t love Jessica Chastain’s hair and would have preferred something like a low chignon. But then it barely matters, because the dress would take center stage anyway. That’s the thing with these two designers; everything else just takes a backseat, and you can’t help just marvel over the details of the dress.

Emma Stone – Best Use of Color


I had a hard time deciding between her and Michelle Williams, but I guess I liked Emma’s dress better. Her red, chiffon Giambattista Valli Couture gown looked amazing on her complexion and gelled well with her hair color as well. Personally, I don’t understand the comparisons with the Balenciaga gown Nicole Kidman wore at the Oscars in 2007. Apart from the statement bow tied at the neck, I feel that the two looks can’t be compared. The shades of red were different, the silhouettes were different, and while Nicole Kidman gave a more glamorous vibe, Emma’s look was more feminine and flirty. Bottom line: they both looked gorgeous in their own way! 

Michelle Williams – Most Beautiful


There was definitely more to Michelle Williams than her coral Louis Vuitton peplum dress that made her look so vibrant on the red carpet; her makeup was perfect and made her look so fresh! Her lip color (according to her makeup artist Angela Levin, it was a mix of coral and plum lipstick) made her look so delicate and feminine, and it was so refreshing to see, because she usually goes for either nude lips or something dark, like red or maroon. Angela wanted to go for "softness and beauty" and "wanted the skin to look fluffy and light and effortless," which explains the soft pink and coral color palette. Something tells me Michelle's adorable smile and flawless skin must have made this look a lot easier to achieve.

Milla Jovovich – Best Accessories 


This was, by far, my favorite Elie Saab appearance of the night (including the after parties), and I think it had an awful lot to do with how she accessorized her outfit. Her Edie Parker clutch (NEED!) and Jacob & Co. jewelry looked so elegant paired with her pearly white dress and nails— major eye candy!

So that about wraps up my favorites of the night. I know you must be thinking I’m crazy for not mentioning Gwyneth Paltrow, considering she pretty much topped everyone’s best-dressed list, but I wasn’t very excited about her look. It wasn’t her Tom Ford cape dress, which I quite liked actually, but her hair and makeup that I found to be a little underwhelming. I do understand that her signature style seems to lean towards minimalism, and I have been on board with her red carpet looks in the past, but there was something about this one that didn’t quite add up for me.

Who were your favorites of the night? Make sure to write in if you think I missed out on anyone!


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8 Responses to Academy Awards Red Carpet Recap

  1. OMG I love Angelina Jollie and Ellie Kemper's dresses. I myself dont like pure black dresses, but Jollie is just wow :)
    I even like Emma Stone's look , she carries the color so well and the hair look so cute on her :)
    Michael William indeed look a lot feminine and nice :)
    But Mila Jovovich has to be the stealer and after all its Ellie Saab :) I just love the gown and those accessories are sooooo wow <3 Loved them …the ring , the bracelet :)
    Lovely post darling….I was waiting for it :)
    Take loads of care
    Loads of love :)

  2. Ms Nyx says:

    Angelina looks like a greek goddess <3

  3. Tanvi says:

    I MISS YOU!!!! Where are you lately?!?!! 
    Love the post as always!!! I liked Gwyneth the most!
    <a href="">&infin; © ∞</a> 

    • Thanks T…I miss you too! :( Life has been a little crazy but everything should be sorted in the next few months and I’ll hopefully get more time to blog and keep in touch! Hope all is going well with you! xx

  4. Ruchika says:

    Angelina looks stunning with her red lipstick and the dress is so sexy. I liked Michelle Williams too…she was looking beautiful. Lovely post!

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