Awesome Apps: TuneIn Radio Listeners!

Awesome Apps: TuneIn Radio Listeners!

So here’s the thing (and I know a lot of you can relate!): When I like a particular song, I listen to it about a 100 times a day and then I get so sick of it so soon that I never want to hear it again! Ideally, I should be adding new songs to my iPod every day, but really it’s so boring that I never get around to doing it; which is fine up until I’m working out on my treadmill where I get so insanely bored with my old music that I end up going on youtube to be able to instantly listen to a variety of songs.

I recently talked to my boyfriend about this (who btw is banned from giving me any geeky advice until specifically asked 😛) and he introduced me to the über-cool free app –TuneIn Radio. This app lets us tune in to live streams of radio stations from around the world – from the continent, to the country, to even a specific city. And it runs on a plethora of devices: iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android, Palm, BlackBerry, Samsung Bada, Windows Phone, Google TV, Yahoo TV, Roku, and WDTV. I think it’s so exciting that my boyfriend (in India!) and I (in New York!) can both tune into the same radio stations and listen to music together. Being in a long distance relationship, it’s a real challenge to find things we can do together besides the usual phone calls, so we take what we can get!

Also, I can’t believe how expansive and unlimited my options are now; I can listen to music from all around the world! I particularly enjoy Latin American music (I’ve lived in Panama, so it makes me really nostalgic!) and with this I can directly connect to their local stations! Besides location based radio station listing, you can also browse via “All Music,” “All Talk,” and “All Sports,” or you can drill down via the usual genres (think: Jazz, Rock, etc., with further sub categorizations).

The only complaint that I have with this app is that it does not have many live streams from Indian radio stations. Right now they have the likes of Gyaan Vaani and Vividh Bharti and these neither get me motivated during my workout, and nor do they help me in reconnecting with my long distance lover! ;P I really miss Radio Mirchi, Red FM, etc., (that’s all I can remember. It’s been 3 years!) and I’m seriously hoping we will be able to stream these soon.

You can download this app for your mobile device at: Try it out and let me know what you think!



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  1. arathi. says:

    Absolutely love this post, because I have the same problems with music as well! Also, kudos to you and your significant other for making it through long distance. It’s one of the hardest, but most rewarding things that couples can do!

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