Heart It: Nyassa’s Natural, Handmade Soaps

Nyassa_handmade_natural_soaps_review_alphonso_almond_butter_splurgerinaNyassa’s handmade soaps in Almond Butter & Alphonso

One of my favorite things about living in India is the abundance of natural and ayurvedic products we have in this country. They are not only easily accessible but also so inexpensive that I just can’t restrain myself from frequently purchasing products from new brands to try out. The latest brand that I have been lucky enough to be introduced to is Nyassa; they launched 28 new natural, handmade soaps a few months ago and sent over two of the soaps from the collection for me to test out. The packet smelled so good that I actually took time out just to solely appreciate the aromatic goodness! You know that scene in Salaam Namaste where Preity Zinta keeps sniffing a bar of soap because she is pregnant and feeling nauseous? Yeah, I might have been that girl for the next half an hour! Except that I am not pregnant; contrary to what people around me who are constantly subjected to my completely out-of-the-blue food cravings might suspect.

The soaps look so great that I actually let them sit out in a small basket in my bathroom until I was ready to use them; they made for a pretty display! The packaging is transparent and thin enough to let the fragrance seep out, so it actually leaves the bathroom smelling heavenly. No need for a freshener! I also like the soap’s solid texture that doesn’t lose its shape or soften after being in contact with water. They don’t lather as well as I would like though, which means that I end up using more product. A 150 grams bar of soap lasted for about three weeks for me. I’ll admit though that I do tend to overindulge myself when products smell this amazing; I practically bathe in my perfume. True story!

Nyassa soaps are “handmade from natural materials, colors, and fragrances, and they are 100% vegetarian.” I found them to be quite gentle on the skin. I don’t have dry skin, but it’s extremely sensitive, so I am always rushing to apply my body lotion as soon as I am out of the shower. These soaps, however, felt extremely comfortable and didn’t irritate my skin at all.


Nyassa_handmade_natural_soaps_Alphonso_mango_splurgerinaBuy Here

This one is actually my favorite out of the two that I was given and an absolute must-have for the summer. I love using it after a workout or when I generally want to feel fresh and rejuvenated. True to its name, it is mango-colored and it is guaranteed to make you feel like you are in a tropical paradise. The scent isn’t artificial; it really does smell like mango juice! I wish it lingered on for longer though; the smell doesn’t really stay on the body after you get out of the shower. It does, however, give a very aromatherapy-like experience while you are showering.

The three main ingredients of the soap are mango butter (an ingredient that I’m strangely attracted to for no apparent reason. If a product has it, I need it!), mango leaf extract, and raw cane sugar. Mango leaf extract apparently has “healing properties and is an effective remedy for itching,” which might explain why it suits my skin so well, and I don’t feel the need to lather on a ton of lotion afterwards. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and revived.

Almond Butter

Nyassa_handmade_natural_soaps_almond_butter_splurgerinaBuy Here

This soap is creamy and even more gentle on the skin than Alphonso. It has a mild, sweet vanilla-like scent that leaves me feeling extremely relaxed. I love using it during a hot shower just before going to bed. This soap contains pure almond butter, oatmeal (you can spot it at the right hand corner of the soap shown above), and honey. Oatmeal, again, has anti-inflammatory properties, so it’s perfect for anyone with extra-sensitive skin. My skin feels smooth and well moisturized whenever I use it and is generally less reactive.

There are 26 more soaps in this collection (including one, called Good Earth, which is designed exclusively for men), and I highly recommend these for everyone. The best part is that their price ranges between Rs.200-300, which is extremely cheap for a product this amazing. I haven’t tried out other products from Nyassa, but it is definitely going to be a brand I will keep coming back to for well-made natural soaps. They are a definite keeper!



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  1. Pepperspray says:

    OMG so jealous of your life of exotic soaps. I use the cheapest department store brand bullshit that dries out my skin. These look amazing!

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