This Swimwear Brand Is Guaranteed To Bring Out the #Wanderlust In You

Voyage Swimwear on Instagram- “#travel #adventure #swimwear #nomad #luxuryswimwears” 2016-01-29 16-11-55Images via melike.zafer // voyageswimwear

Anyone else feel that once the holiday season is over we should just skip right to spring? If you, like us, don’t know what to do with yourself during these rather uneventful months of the year and are already craving some sun, sand, and sea, Voyage Swimwear will have you planning your next vacation, STAT! We are finding their signature map print design so appealing to our fun and adventurous side that we literally just want to close our eyes, point, and have the swimsuit decide what our next holiday destination should be. So much fun!!! #DreamersGonnaDream

The travel-inspired luxury swimwear line comes in vibrant, eye-catching colors and they sell bikinis and one-pieces in a variety of silhouettes to flatter different body types; they even have swimming trunks available for men so you can play match with you bae! Get yours online here, or pick it up at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai (more locations here). And now….to work on that beach body. #sigh

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