Cute Ways to Wear A Skort

e8de874a2bf2484ae033ac239fde7937Image via Mura Boutique

Skorts are one of my favorite fashion trends from the 90s. I wore them to school every week and preferred them over skirts, which I saved for dressier occasions like dinners and parties. I found them to be ideal for long hours at school, merging the comfort and casualness of a pair of shorts along with the femininity of a skirt. Now, I find skorts appealing for the simple reason that they are refreshing and a “something new” to add to my wardrobe. On the internet, it might seem like they have already been done to death, but here in Delhi, I still haven’t spotted too many girls in them. They make a great conversational piece too, because men continue to be as confused about the concept as they were back in the 90s. Some things never change! ;)

Here’s some inspiration and suggestions on how you can look your best in a skort.

1. Play With Layers & Proportions

skorts_styling_proportions-splurgerinaImage via The Blossom Girls

2. Balance The Short Length Of A Skort With A Full Sleeve Top

b5f4fbcb7ca359ee1ed38292b4c7a28cImage via Something Navy

3. Pair Your Skort With A Sweatshirt, Tank, Or Tee For A Casual Chic Vibe

Casual tanks tshirts sweatshirts with skorts_splurgerinaImages via Peace Love Shea & Chic Street Style

4. Monochrome It!

Total_White_outfit-Zara_Skort-BArcelona-Travels-Street_Style-Espadrilles-21Image via Collage Vintage

5. Ankle-strap Heels Are The Way To Go

ae573e511e45b69b4b9f234d51877604Image via Fashionhippieloves

6. When In Doubt, Wear Denim

denim with skorts_splurgerinaImage via Love, Blair & Sirma Markova

I love that they are also surprisingly affordable for a piece that is so versatile! Below are some of my current favorites, all under $100.

skorts under $100 - trend 2014- fashion_splurgerina_blackbCoral Skort // Tribal Skort // Floral Skort // Blue Floral Skort // Belted Skort
Pixelated Skort // Orange Skort // Black Skort // Pleated Floral Skort // White Skort


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