Looking For The Perfect Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring? Take A Cue From These 5 Most Iconic Rings In History

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Getting engaged is a memorable affair for every woman and the engagement ring holds a special place in her heart. For a woman, her engagement ring is her most cherished piece of jewelry. It’s a symbol of love and a bond that will last a lifetime, so naturally the ring needs to be splendid and beautiful. If you are on a hunt to find the perfect engagement ring, read on and get ideas. From the vintage lanes of Hollywood to the grand palaces of Royalty, these rings have dazzled and serenaded many. They will inspire you to find your band of love symbolizing what the French refer to as “un nouveau depart” or “a new beginning.”

Here is a list of 5 iconic engagement ring designs that will not only inspire you but also take you on a trip down memory lane + make sure you take a glance at our recommendations of similar vintage-inspired and budget-friendly designs that can easily be found on online jewelry stores such as CaratLane.

1. Princess Diana & Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring

sapphire-engagement-ring-caratlane The Duchess wearing her Ceylon sapphire engagement ring

The two royal weddings in modern times that wooed the world were that of Princess Diana and Prince Charles in 1981 and three decades later, the wedding of their son, Prince William and Kate Middleton. A common string bringing together these two unions was the Ceylon oval sapphire engagement ring. Yes, Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with the engagement ring that belonged to his late mother.

Legend says that Lady Diana handpicked this beautiful ring herself with a 12 carat oval-shaped blue Ceylon sapphire at the center and 14 solitaire diamonds on the border. Originally bought with a price tag of $40,000, the ring is now estimated to be worth $430,000. This gorgeous ring is a timeless beauty in every sense of the word. When the world shook with the announcement of Prince William’s engagement to Middleton, this ring design was the most desired.

2. Jacqueline Kennedy’s Yellow Gold Diamond & Emerald Ring

caratlane-yellow-gold-diamond-and-emerald-ringJacqueline Kennedy’s engagement ring

Former First Lady of the United States Jacqueline Kennedy’s engagement ring was a well-crafted piece of ornament. During her lifetime, she was known to own several extravagant pieces of jewelry, which upon her death in 1996 were auctioned off. Among the many pieces that caught the attention of jewelry lovers across the globe was the gold ring encrusted with 2.88 carat diamond and 2.84 carat emerald. Ornate yet elegant, the ring, created by French jewelry company Van Cleef & Arpels, is one of the most iconic diamond ring designs ever. Jacqueline was known for her love for emeralds, and husband John F. Kennedy kept that in mind while purchasing the ring.

3. Queen Elizabeth II’s Solitaire Diamond Ring

caratlane-solitaire-ringQueen Elizabeth II’s Engagement Ring

What makes this engagement ring so special is its sheer simplicity. Donning the fingers of the longest reigning monarch in the British history, the ring is set in platinum and has a 3 carat solitaire in the center, circled with 4 smaller diamonds on each side. It is a true symbol of love and marriage that has lasted 69 years and continues to grow stronger with each passing day.

4. Marilyn Monroe’s Baguette Eternity Band

marilyn-monroe-baguette-ring-diamond-platinum-band-caratlaneMarilyn Monroe’s eternity band

Famous actor and model, Marilyn Monroe was the media darling in the 1950’s and 60s. Known for her flamboyant personality and bold fashion sense, the actor’s private life was constantly under public glare. When Yankee baseball player Joe DiMaggio gave Monroe a 35 baguette cut diamond-studded eternity band on their wedding day in January 1954, it received a lot of attention. Sadly, the marriage did not last long and ended the following year. However, the ring design became the talk of the town and continues to be a popular design choice even today.

5. Elizabeth Taylor’s Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

asscher-cut-engagement-ring-caratlaneElizabeth Taylor’s majestic 33.19 carat asscher cut engagement ring

Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement to Richard Burton was an extravagant affair, so it comes as no surprise that her ring is the most lavish ring on this list. Burton proposed to Taylor with a massive 33.19 carat diamond ring. This enormous rock, which was formerly known as “The Krupp Diamond”, was later renamed “The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond” because of its symbolism. Today, the ring is estimated to be worth $8.2 million.


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